Top Somalis in Premiership - 2003-2004 show season

Best Alter
GP, RW Strazkatz Red Sun Rizing

Red Neuter
Breeder/Owner: R & S Strzalkowski

10th Best Alter in Region 6

2nd Best Alter
GP, RW Mittsnpaws Heart Tugg of Karactorz

Red Neuter
Breeder: J Mitts/R-P Beebe
Owner: Roni Beebe - Joann Mitts

16th Best Alter in Region 4

3rd Best Alter
GC, GP, RW Thecatgarden's New Moondancer

Ruddy Neuter
Breeder: Janice & Lisa Pitelka
Owner: Hope Dempsey - Anita Reno

17th Best Alter in Region 4

4th Best Alter
GP, RW Yum La Marseillaise

Fawn Neuter
Breeder/Owner: Sarah Bixler

9th Best Alter in Region 5

5th Best Alter
CH, GP, RW Africats Jamila

Ruddy Spay
Breeder/Owner: Barbara Hoffmann

13th Best Alter in Region 3


6th Best Alter
CH, GP, RW Brunrouge Show-Sei

Fawn Neuter
Breeder: K. Kazuko - B.T. Tod (lessee)
Owner: Masako Shbamori

6th Best Alter in Japan



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