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The current breed council secretary is Tammy Roark, who can be reached at

Tammy and her husband Rob began showing Somalis in 1995 when they adopted two littermate brothers from the Ciderhouse cattery, purchased "just as pets". These two boys went on to become the first two grands from the Ciderhouse cattery and GP, RW Ciderhouse Sebastian was a regional winner in Premiership and CFA's Best Somali in Premiership for two years in a row.

Once Tammy and Rob became "hooked" on the Somali breed and cat shows, they purchased their first breeding female, and started the Tamarakatz cattery, in the spring of 1996. From that very first litter, a female kitten that they kept for their breeding program became their very first DM. As of July 2004, they have produced 16 homebred grands (including 5 females, which is quite an accomplishment in the Somali breed), and they have earned 10 regional wins with cats of their own breeding. They have also had the honor of breeding and showing CFA’s best of breed Somali twice, and third best of breed Somali twice.

In 2002, Tammy was elected as Breed Council secretary for the Somali breed.

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