Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
2002-2003 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

25 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Africats Gahiji   Red Male B: Barbara Hoffmann, Lessee
O: Barbara E. Hoffmann
Brunrouge Tensei   Red Male Kazuko Kurokawa
Foxykats Precious & Few Ruddy Female Kathy D. Black
Foxykats Walkin' On The Sun Ruddy Male Kathy Black
Front Range Cezanne   Ruddy Male Kelli Griffin & Gary Shubert
Gray Castle Dances With Mice Ruddy Male Mark & Karen Rowe
Gunsmoke's Delusions-Of-Grandeur   Ruddy Male Mac & Charlene Munro
Gunsmoke's Rebel Yell of Tamarakatz Ruddy Female B: Mac & Charlene Munro
O: Tammy & Rob Roark
Jagmac Merlinsmagic of Thecatgarden Ruddy Male B: John McNierney
O: Janice Pitelka
Libemiauen Aqua   Ruddy Female B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Asuka Ushiro
Libemiauen Bellrose of Fanta-Moosh   Red Female B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Setsuko Segawa
Libemiauen Pamera   Ruddy Female Reiko Kobayashi
Libemiauen Shion   Ruddy Male Reiko Kobayashi
Littlefox Kenai   Ruddy Female B: V. & P. Borra - M. & C. Munro - Lessee
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Mittsnpaws Diva Danzer of Zodiacal Ruddy Female B: J. Mitts - R. & P. Beebe - Lessee
O: Sandra Gohr
Mittsnpaws Lucky Fella   Red Male Joann Mitts
Rampageous Daydream Believer Ruddy Male Marianne C. Harris
Rampageous Redred Wine of Littlefox Red Male B: Marianne C. Harris
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Rampageous Ziggy Stardust Fawn Male Marianne C. Harris
Sylelia Kokola of Colorfast   Ruddy Male B: Nancy Crane
O: Kim Gaffney & Nancy Crane
Tamarakatz Hide-N-Seek Red Male Tammy & Rob Roark
Tamarakatz Thief O' Hearts Ruddy Male Tammy & Rob Roark
Thecatgarden's Dream Dancer   Ruddy Female Janice Pitelka & Lisa Pitelka
Thecatgarden's New Moondancer Ruddy Male Janice Pitelka & Lisa Pitelka
Zodiacal Deuteronomy of Dunedin   Red Male B: S. Gohr & K. McGill & J. Mitts
O: Kenneth G. McGill


25 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Becarine's Heket   Ruddy Spay Beth Pagel
Brunrouge Hayate   Blue Neuter B: B. Tod & Kazuko Kurokawa - Lessee
O: Kazuko Kurokawa
Dignita Gran Reserva   Red Neuter B: Chie Tougeda
O: Yuki & Chie Tougeda
Gray Castle Lady Liz   Red Spay Mark & Karen Rowe
Ikati Nut of Becarine   Ruddy Spay B: Janet Chrobok
O: Beth Pagel & Sharon Ward
Littlefox's Tyler   Ruddy Neuter B: V. & P. Borra - M. & C. Munro - Lessee
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Mittsnpaws Cinderella Beebe   Red Spay B: J. Mitts - R. & P. Beebe - Lessee
O: Linda S. Schneider
Mittsnpaws Heart Tugg of Karactorz Red Neuter B: J. Mitts - R. & P. Beebe
O: Roni Beebe & Joann Mitts
Morethanpa Apricot II   Ruddy Spay B: Masanori Ando
O: Mayumi Niihara
Peek-N-Paw's Cinnamon Bear   Red Neuter Dorothy A. Lindmier
Pypurz Puttin It Together Ruddy Neuter Karen Smith
Rampageous Dream Weaver   Red Neuter Marianne C. Harris
Rampageous Phoenix Will Rise 2day   Red Neuter B: Marianne C. Harris
O: Paula Hawver
Rampageous True Blue   Blue Neuter Marianne C. Harris
Silkenfire Valentine   Ruddy Neuter B: Julianne M. Albert
O: Roy & Julianne Albert
Strazkatz Cin-Sations   Red Spay R. & S. Strzalkowski
Tadofa Lionchild-Of-Raleigh   Red Neuter B: B. Tod & R. Thompson - Lessee
O: Bethany T. Tod & Renee Thompson
Tamarakatz Samantha Ruddy Spay Tammy & Rob Roark
Tamarakatz Tiberius Ruddy Neuter B: Tammy & Rob Roark
O: Tammy Roark & Joyce Lippincott
Tarantara's Dread Pirate Roberts Red Neuter B: Barbara & William French
O: Alexandra Wagner
Thecatgarden's New Moondancer Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka & Lisa Pitelka
O: Hope Dempsey & Anita Reno
Thecatgarden's Petunia   Red Spay B: Janice Pitelka, Lessee
O: Janice & Lisa Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Rocket Fire   Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka & Lisa Pitelka
O: Susan J. Ruxton
Yum La Marseillaise Fawn Neuter Sarah E. Bixler
Zodiacal Takoda Red Neuter B: Sandra Gohr
O: Julie Anne Moore


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