Top Somalis in Championship - 2018-2019 show season

Best Cat
GC, BWR, RW Tajhara Obsession Confession

Ruddy Male
Breeder/Owner: Mary Franz

7th Best Cat in region 5

2nd Best Cat
GC Tajhara Sunchaser

Ruddy Male
Breeder: Mary Franz
Owner: Frankie Chan

3rd Best Cat
GC Ameusin's Houdini of Gunsmoke

Ruddy Male
Breeder: Elizabeth Powell
Owner: Mac & Charlene Munro

4th Best Cat
GC Ameusin's Magic Bullet

Ruddy Male
Breeder/Owner: Elizabeth Powell

5th Best Cat
GC Guriguri Azaka

Fawn Male
Breeder/Owner: Naomi Ebara



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