Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1988-1989 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

22 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Carquinez Montezuma of Rumpuss Ruddy Male B: Billie & Karen Talbert
O: Barry Smith
Carquinez Scamp Ruddy Male Bill & Karen Talbert
Carquinez Tetris of Gunsmoke Ruddy Male Bill & Karen Talbert
Hibou Look O'The Eagle of Roadrace   Red Female B: Marg & Neil Baird
O: Carolyn Marriner
Kabbagepatch's Goldenrod   Red Female B: Marla D. Leigh
O: Carolyn S. Marriner
Kintoi's Moga Dishu   Red Female B: Nikkie Brenize - Pat Gonser
O: P. Gonser - C & P Blanchard
Lynn-Lee's Indian Summer   Red Male Evelyn Mague
Lynn-Lee's Risen Star of Silkpaws   Red Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Marturnic's Jambiyah Ruddy Male Marguerite J. Turner
Mickalas Starfire   Red Female Micki Gomez
Nephrani's Repeat Ruddy Male Ruth & Robert Morris
Rainkey's Far Drummer   Ruddy Male Brad & Sheila Bowers
Roadrace's Nighthawk   Ruddy Female Carolyn S. Marriner
Runningfox's So-Hapi   Ruddy Male B: Sonja Anderson
O: Sonja Anderson - I & J Dodrill
Shavonna's Shadow Dancer   Ruddy Male Leroy & Yvonne Stewart
Silamos Kalahari Ruddy Male B: Debbie & Larry Ritter
O: Debbie Brevik - D & L Ritter
Silamos Medicine Bow Ruddy Male B: Robert L. & Deborah J. Ritter
O: Debbie & Larry Ritter
Tachamoni's Keenamon Zacar   Red Male B: Dawn B. Kelsey
O: Dawn & Scott Kelsey
Thecatgarden's Sundancer Ruddy Male Janice & Lisa Pitelka
Yum Maraschino Macho Man   Red Male Sarah E. Bixler
Zarpa's Fire Walker Ruddy Male Dick & Nell Foster
Zarpa's Mouse Wrangler Ruddy Male Dick & Nell Foster


11 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Kabbagepatch's Ernest Tubbs   Ruddy Neuter B: Marla D. Leigh
O: John P. Hoffman
Mickalas Firebrand   Red Neuter B: Micki Gomez
O: Ron & Yvonne Simmons - Micki Gomez
Mickalas Max   Ruddy Neuter B: Micki Gomez
O: Alan McDermott
Octavious Cymbutta of Shavonna   Ruddy Neuter B: Ellinor Most
O: Yvonne & Leroy Stewart
Roadrace's Stutz Bearcat Ruddy Neuter B: Carolyn S. Marriner
O: Eric & Helena Thom
Seguin's Red Jacket   Red Neuter B: Philip Marriner - Lessee
O: Pat Gonser & Phil Marriner
Seguin's Whiskey Red Red Neuter Philip F. Marriner
Sibu's Play It Again, Sam of Spyrte   Ruddy Neuter B: James D. & Carole S. Mitchell
O: Bill & Ellen Spry
Silamos Bamboo Ruddy Neuter B: Debbie & Larry Ritter
O: Patricia & Thomas Hughey
Thecatgarden's Thunderbolt Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka
O: Lisa Pitelka
Winery's Ecclasiasticus of Sistine Ruddy Neuter B: Mrs. Carol Harrison - Lessee
O: Thomas Van Sistine


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