Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
2010-2011 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

9 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Front Range Queen Yuna   Ruddy Female Kelli Griffin & Gary Shubert
Guardian-Moe Velvet Yura   Ruddy Male Toshie Takator
Guriguri Maximum H.B. Kaien   Red Male Naomi Ebara
Guriguri Ryou-Ou-Ki Ruddy Female B: Naomi Ebara, Lessee
O: Naomi Ebara
Northerntail Kaede   Red Female Tomoko Kitao
Rampageous Blue Magic Blue Male Marianne C. Harris
Sunfox Menuet De La Cour of Etude Ruddy Female B: Lee Dowding & Marianne Harris
O: L. Dowding-M. Pinckard-G. Homan
Tamarakatz One More Time Around Ruddy Male Tammy & Rob Roark
Wyldephyre's Wylde At Heart Ruddy Female B: Druzisky & Treleani & Mitts
O: Jennifer & Bob Druzisky


18 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Bar-Brrau Fata Brillante Lucina Ruddy Neuter B: Kayo Yamamoto
O: Junko Mise & Kayo Yamamoto
Brunrouge Mitsuki of Vesperia   Red Spay B: Bethany Tod & Kazuko Kurokawa
O: Yukari Ohta
Etude Sunrunner Witch of Snotoz Red Spay B: Margaret Pinckard & Greg Homan
O: Melissa Darling
Fairytown Polaris   Fawn Neuter Nobuko Yamamoto
Front Range Leonard H McCoy Ruddy Neuter B: Mary Franz - Kelli Griffin
O: Gail Dolan - Gary Shubert
Gray Castle Miracle Michael   Ruddy Neuter B: Mark & Karen Rowe
O: Janet & Lori Hollister
Kimbelot's Erik The Red   Red Neuter Virginia Noblit & Donna L. Brown
Mittsnpaws Alejendro   Ruddy Neuter B: Joann Mitts - Marianne Harris
O: Roni & Paul Beebe & Joan Mitts
Mittsnpaws Davinci of Karactorz   Red Neuter B: Joann Mitts
O: Roni & Paul Beebe & Joann Mitts
Santgria's Francesca   Ruddy Spay B: Betty Bridges
O: Betty Bridges & Douglas Green
Rampageous Blue Magic Blue Neuter Marianne C. Harris
Rampageous In Your Eyes of Andredie Blue Spay B: Marianne Harris
O: Andrea & Bill Cobb
Rampageous Tiger Lily   Fawn Spay Marianne C. Harris
Starstuff's Cyrus Flamewhisper   Red Neuter B: Beth Marsili
O: Beth & Chris Marsili
Sunfox Minuet, DM Ruddy Spay B: Lee Dowding
O: Lee Dowding - Marianne Harris
Wyldephyre's All Phyred Up   Red Neuter Jennifer & Bob Druzisky & J. Mitts
Wyldephyre's Kisses-Of-Phyre   Red Neuter Jennifer & Bob Druzisky & J. Mitts
Yum Tiye   Ruddy Spay Sarah E. Bixler


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