Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1993-1994 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

18 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Bushbabies Bobbie Soxs   Ruddy Female Catherine M. Gift
Carquinez Gladiator Ruddy Male Bill & Karen Talbert
Carquinez Hot Toddi of Mittsnpaws Ruddy Female B: Bill & Karen Talbert
O: Joann Mitts
Diamondust God's Gift   Fawn Male B: Carl & Karen Stebner
O: Karen Stebner
Foxykats Machiavelli Ruddy Male Kathy D. Black
Foxykats Snickers Red Male Kathy D. Black
Libemiauen Fire Michael   Ruddy Male B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Yuko Fusayasu
Libemiauen Fire Miroku   Ruddy Male Reiko Kobayashi
Lynn-Lee's Bangles of Meowsnwuf   Red Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Pat & David Dannenberg
Piaisland Prince   Ruddy Male B: Keiko Shiraishi
O: Eiichi Toda
Planokats Pigment-Of-My Imagination   Red Female B: Bill & Christie Wilkins
O: Carla Bizzell & Kathy D. Black
Pysabs Algiers Casbah   Red Male Kathleen C. Fish
Silkpaws A C Express   Red Male Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Silkpaws R.J. Shunsei of Brunrouge Red Male B: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
O: Kazuko Kurokawa
Silkpaws Repeat Performance Red Male Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Tadofa Kalahari of Dreamers Ruddy Male B: Bethany Tod - R-J. Colilla-Lessee
O: Mac & Charlene Munro
Tadofa Phoenix Rising of Carquinez   Ruddy Male B: Bethany T. Tod
O: Bill & Karen Talbert
Zamfara's Fiya of Imzadi Red Female B: Jeffrey Nichols
O: Monique Belton


11 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Aerostar's Tadofa Impressive Tyke Ruddy Neuter B: Trish Webb
O: Bethany T. Tod
Bushbabies Evel Knevel   Ruddy Neuter B: Catherine M. Gift
O: Lisa Pfleger
Foxbrush's Artistic Flare Red Neuter B: Nancy - Rebecca Bailey
O: Nancy Bailey
Foxykats Copper Dragonfly of Zzaby   Ruddy Neuter B: Kathy D. Black
O: Karyn Dillard
Mittsnpaws Barcelona Flame   Red Spay B: Joann Mitts
O: Anna Conley
Pysabs Mali Maiden   Ruddy Spay B: Kathleen C. Fish
O: Shelly Hershberger
Pysabs One's Different   Red Neuter B: Kathleen C. Fish
O: Cheri Leeman
Seguin's Golden Eagle of Hibou Red Neuter B: Philip F. Marriner
O: Marg Baird & Philip Marriner
Silamos Bitterroot Ruddy Spay Robert L. & Deborah J. Ritter
Silamos Medicine Hat of Blarney   Ruddy Neuter B: Debbie & Larry Ritter
O: D. & L. Ritter - D. & R. Cullen
Tadofa's Wakan Tanka Ruddy Neuter Bethany T. Tod


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