Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1995-1996 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

22 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Arbora's Willow Ruddy Male Steve & Leslie Pulford
Bizarro's Captain Molly   Red Female B: L. Rosenthal & A. Wortham
O: Michele M. Strauss
Blisspurrs Molly of Carquinez   Ruddy Female B: Patricia L. Emerson
O: Bill & Karen Talbert
Bushbear's Gentle Ben Ruddy Male Wayne & Gail Becker
Castrovalva Kenworth Ruddy Male M.J. Thelander & T. J. Hemmerling
Danjera's Prince Valiant   Ruddy Male B: Jerolyn & Daniel Wallach - Lessee
O: Jerolyn M. & Daniel L. Wallach
Foxcroft's Blazing Sunset Red Male B: Micki Gomez
O: Micki Gomez & Terry Keith
Foxykats Gingersnap Ruddy Female Kathy D. Black
Foxykats Layla Red Female Kathy D. Black
Foxykats Tobasco Cat of Mabuhay Red Male B: Kathy D. Black
O: Carla Bizzell
Imzadi's First Officer Chakotay   Ruddy Male Monique Belton
Imzadi's Sidewinder   Ruddy Male Monique Belton
Libemiauen Neptune   Ruddy Male B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Rie Nasuno
Libemiauen Solomon   Red Male B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Yoko Yauchi
Mittsnpaws Jazzsinger of Morethanpa Ruddy Male B: Joann Mitts
O: Masanori Ando
Mittnsnpaws Red Zeplin Red Male Joann Mitts
Mittsnpaws Wild Knight Ruddy Male B: J. Mitts & D. Britton
O: Joann Mitts
Pirouette's Shadow Dancer Blue Male Arlene Armandi
Prairiepurr's Prairie Dawn   Red Female Marisa Clay-Combs
Pysabs Tirnanog By Didgee   Blue Male Kathleen C. Fish
Rampageous Bear Fawn Male Marianne C. Harris
Silkpaws Scarlet Mashu of Brunrouge   Red Female B: Bruce & Debbie Bobbins
O: Kazuko Kurokawa


23 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Carquinez Classy Cola of Tiarableu   Ruddy Neuter B: Bill & Karen Talbert
O: Debra Jo Smith
Ciderhouse Mulligan Ruddy Neuter B: Polly & Ron Lauser
O: Tammy J. Roark
Ciderhouse Sebastian Red Neuter B: Polly & Ron Lauser
O: Tammy J. Roark
Danjera's Chanur Pride   Red Neuter Jerolyn M. & Daniel L. Wallach
Danjera's Duncan Imperial Fawn Neuter B: Jerolyn M. & Daniel L. Wallach
O: Debra Bruce
Foxbrush Meshach Ruddy Neuter Nancy Bailey
Foxykats Feel The Force, Luke! Red Neuter Kathy D. Black
Gunsmoke's Trigger Happy Ruddy Neuter Mac & Charlene Munro
Luvnhome's Keely   Red Spay B: Tom & Erin Barna / B. & K. Talbert
O: Erin & Tom Barna
Mittsnpaws Kosmic Energy   Ruddy Neuter B: J. Mitts & D. Britton
O: Deborah Britton & Joann Mitts
Mittsnpaws Zat's Mine Ruddy Neuter B: Joann Mitts
O: Joann Mitts & A.R.P. Beebe
Nekobayashi Midsummer Memory   Red Neuter B: Yasuo Kobayashi - Lessee
O: Yasuo Kobayashi
Pysabs Algiers Casbah   Red Neuter Kathleen C. Fish
Pysabs Kona Connection of Kimbelot Ruddy Neuter B: Kathleen C. Fish
O: Ginny Noblit & Donna Brown
Reoroko Jugles   Red Neuter Michael O'Brien
Silkenfire Chocolate Mousse Red Neuter Roy & Julianne Albert
Silkenfire Clear And Present Danger Ruddy Neuter B: Roy & Julianne Albert
O: Francesca Voegelin
Silkpaws Timothy   Ruddy Neuter B: Bruce & Debbie Bobbins
O: D. & B. Bobbins - L. Phillips
Tadofa Mischief Maker Ruddy Neuter B: Bethany T. Tod
O: Bethany T. Tod & Peggy T. Tod
Tadofa's Foxfire Red Neuter B: Bethany T. Tod
O: Vivian Starr
Tadofa's Sun Bear of Rockinashi Ruddy Neuter B: Bethany T. Tod
O: C. & N. Crandall-Seibert & B. Tod
Thecatgarden's Diablo   Ruddy Neuter Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Firestorm   Ruddy Neuter Janice Pitelka


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