Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
2017-2018 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

10 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Ameusin's Houdini of Gunsmoke   Ruddy Male B: Elizabeth Powell
O: Mac & Charlene Munro
Ameusin's Magic Bullet   Ruddy Male Elizabeth Powell
Bas-Brrau JJ-Merrow   Ruddy Female Kayo Yamamoto
Catzanova Nabucco   Ruddy Male Bernard Clergue
Gunsmoke's Risky Business   Ruddy Female B: Mac & Charlene Munro, Janice Pitelka, Lessee
O; Mac & Charlene Munro
Guriguri Azaka   Fawn Male Naomi Ebara
Incendie Etoile Ibragim   Ruddy Male B: Elina Baykova
O: Fung Pui Chuen
Sharavi Aramis of Tamarakatz   Red Male B: Victor Sharavin
O: Tammy Roark
Tajhara Obsession Confession   Ruddy Male Mary Franz
Tajhara Sunchaser   Ruddy Male B: Mary Franz
O: Frankie Chan


5 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Chatoublie Rex Kuro   Ruddy Neuter B: Kim Ji Hyun
O: Tae Min Ha
Guriguri Candana   Ruddy Spay Naomi Ebara
Guriguri Future Blaze   Red Neuter Naomi Ebara
Somaliann Glafira   Ruddy Spay Anna Nimkovsky
Sunfox Blissfool Dreams   Red Neuter B: Lee Dowding
O: Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin


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