Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1991-1992 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

19 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Carquinez Desdemona of Eos Red Female B: Karen & Bill Talbert
O: Jacque & Manny Pereira - K. Talbert
Carquinez Thunder Foot   Ruddy Male Bill & Karen Talbert
Diamondust's Desert Fire   Red Male B: Carl & Karen Stebner
O: Carl Stebner
Eclairdor's Mr. Ed   Ruddy Male Laura M. Phillips
Farrington Didgeree Blu of Pysabs   Blue Male B: Mrs S. J. Alexander
O: Kathleen C. Fish
Fifala's Tasmanian Storm of Tadofa Blue Male B: Karen E. Le Blanc
O: Bethany T. Tod
Firestorm Inferno of Sistine Ruddy Male B: Bonnie Masters
O: Tom & Mary Van Sistine
Kimbelot's Frosty Ruddy Male Virginia Noblit & Donna L. Brown
Lynn-Lee Spring Beauty of Foxbrush Ruddy Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Nancy J. Bailey
Lynn-Lee's Red Bow of Mabuhay Red Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Carla Bizzell
Lynn-Lee's Summer of Foxykats Red Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Kathy D. Black
Mabuhay Glory Ruddy Female Carla Bizzell
Piaisland Ieyasu of Nobelshine Ruddy Male B: Keiko Shiraishi
O: Chizuyo Nago
Piaisland Tokyo Dome Ruddy Male Keiko Shiraishi
Rumpuss Thunder'n Blue   Blue Male B: Barry Smith
O: Wendy Smith
Scrachinpost's Zephyr   Ruddy Male B: Robin E. Downer
O: Nancy Bailey & Robin Downer
Silkpaws Mari Cho   Ruddy Male Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Silkpaws Opus of Kabbagepatch   Red Male B: Debbie Bobbins
O: D & B. Bobbins - Marla Leigh
Tajhara's Fire Belle of Pirouette   Ruddy Female B: Bill Gott - Mary Franz
O: B. Gott - M. Franz - A. Armandi


17 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Becarine's Set God-O'-Thunder   Ruddy Neuter Beth Pagel
Diamondust Clifford Red Neuter Karen J. Stebner
Diamondust Magi Red Neuter B: Karen J. Stebner
O: Norma Bixby
Firestorm Flying Colors   Ruddy Neuter Bonnie Masters
Gunsmoke Cider Ruddy Spay B: Charlene Elms
O: Mary K. Wall
Kabbagepatch Shannons Danny Boy   Red Neuter B: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins - M. Leigh
O: George & Shannon Moyer
Kimbelot Merlin of Buttonball Ruddy Neuter B: Virginia Noblit & Donna L. Brown
O: Marc & Diane Doblin
Kintoi's Golden Nuggett of Fiestacat   Red Neuter B: Nikkie Brenize & Pat Gonser
O: Pat Gonser & Pam Blankenbeckler
Koumtaka's Blue Bayou   Blue Spay Julie Blessing & Jim Blume
Lynn-Lee's Golden Oriole of Denofox   Red Neuter B: Evelyn Mague
O: Tanya Carter
Lynn-Lee's Ronald Regan   Ruddy Neuter B: Evelyn Mague
O: Jeff S. Dorl
Roadrace's Ferrari Dino of Bemy Red Neuter B: Carolyn Marriner
O: B. Myjak & C. Marriner
Scrachinpost Rose Bud   Ruddy Spay Robin Elizabeth Downer
Seguin's Scylla   Red Spay Carolyn S. Marriner
Silkpaws Beau Brummel   Red Neuter B: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
O: Debbie Marks
Thecatgarden's Angel   Ruddy Spay B: Janice Pitelka
O: Lisa & Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Ariki Ruddy Neuter Janice Pitelka


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