Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
2012-2013 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

7 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Bas-Brrau Terra Ruddy Male Kayo Yamamoto
Front Range Crocodile Tears Ruddy Male Kelli Griffin & Gary Shubert
Guardian-Moe Prince Ibuki   Ruddy Male Toshie Takatori
Kimbelot's Kayla of Ameusin   Ruddy Female B: Virginia Noblit & Donna L. Brown
O: Elizabeth Powell & Donna L. Brown
Somalissa Gavana Ruddy Female Irina Matveeva
Sunfox Blue Moondance of Balerin Blue Male Lee Dowding & Agatha Pomeranski
Sunfox Mr Blujangles, Dancin Fool Blue Male Lee Dowding & Agatha Pomeranski


12 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Bas-Brrau Dione A-Quartz Rinoa   Red Spay B: Kayo Yamamoto
O: Yumiko Ichiyama & Kayo Yamamoto
Bas-Brrau Eos   Red Spay Kayo Yamamoto
Front Range Kirin Fawn Neuter Kelli Griffin & Gary Shubert
Gray Castle Henry Longfellow   Red Neuter Mark & Karen Rowe
Kimbelot's Ahyoka Sunshine's Pippi   Ruddy Spay B: Virginia Noblit & Donna L. Brown
O: Linda D. Bohm
Leo Star Yuzu   Ruddy Spay Shigeru Ishikawa
Northerntail Ichigo   Ruddy Spay Tomoko Kitao
Northerntail Mikan   Red Spay Tomoko Kitao
Sunfox Foolinyorself of Desert Moon Blue Neuter B: Lee Dowding
O: Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin
Thecatgarden Spice Dreams   Ruddy Spay B: Janice & Lisa Pitelka
O: Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Solo   Ruddy Neuter Janice Pitelka
Yum Pompei   Red neuter Sarah E. Bixler


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