Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1997-1998 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

27 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Angelique Fire Dahlia   Red Female Mika Kinoshita
Angelique Tina   Red Female B: Mika Kinoshita
O: Chie Tougeda
Arbora's Loganberry Ruddy Male Steve & Leslie Pulford
Brunrouge Hanabi of Palland Red Female B: Kazuko Kurokawa
O: Yuko Fusayasu
Brunrouge Mood In Mellow of Palland   Ruddy Female B: Kazuko Kurokawa
O: Yuko Fusayasu
Bushbabies Samson   Ruddy Male Catherine Gift
Carquinez Aphrodite   Ruddy Female Bill & Karen Talbert
Carquinez Juan Chavez   Red Male Bill & Karen Talbert
Castrovalva Bartholomew Ruddy Male M. J. Thelander & T. J. Hemmerling
Ciderhouse Lukas of Tamarakatz Ruddy Male B: Tammy Roark & Polly Lauser
O: Tammy Roark
Ciderhouse Presto Vivace Ruddy Male B: Mary Wall Lauser & Ronald Lauser
O: Polly & Ron Lauser
Foxbrush Riverdance of Littlefox Blue Male B: Nancy Bailey
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Foxykats Dancing Hero of Piaisland   Red Male B: Kathy D. Black
O: Keiko Shiraishi
Foxykats Non-Deductible Red Male Kathy D. Black
Goldcrest Jezabel Queen   Red Female B: Yoko Yauchi
O: Mika Kinoshita
Imzadi's Integrity of Tadofa   Ruddy Female B: Monique Belton - Lessee
O: Monique Belton & Bethany T. Tod
Libemiauen Fire   Ruddy Male Reiko Kobayashi
Libemiauen Ryu   Ruddy Male B: Reiko Kobayashi
O: Saori Ito
Mabuhay Optical Delusion Ruddy Male Carla Bizzell
Nekobayashi J.K. Angel Tear   Red Female B: Yasuo Kobayashi
O: Yasushi Fujimoto & M. Irisawa
Pirouette's Poetry In Motion Blue Male B: Arlene Armandi - Lessee
O: Nancy Bailey
Purrkin's Original Sin of Tadofa   Ruddy Male B: Birgit Linke
O: Bethany T. Tod
Rampageous Jumpin' Jack Flash Red Male Marianne C. Harris
Tadofa Symbari Chioke Ruddy Male B: Bethany T. Tod
O: Tim & Renee Thompson
Thecatgarden's Great Balls O'Phyre   Red Male B: Janice Pitelka
O: Janice & Lisa Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Paladin Ruddy Male Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Prophet's Fantasy Ruddy Female Janice Pitelka


24 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Artshow Coreopsis   Ruddy Neuter B: Ray & Sandy Benter - Lessee
O: Jerene Sueker
Azrax Firehawk of Roadrace   Red Neuter B: Barbara Pease
O: Carolyn Marriner
Carquinez Don Quixote De La Mancha   Ruddy Neuter Bill & Karen Talbert
Ciderhouse Tennison Ruddy Neuter B: Mary Wall Lauser & Ronald Lauser
O: Joyce Lippincott
Foxcroft's Dancer In The Shadows   Blue Neuter B: Micki Gomez & Terry Keith
O: Karen L. Smith
Foxykats Keeper-Of-The Flame Red Neuter B: Kathy D. Black
O: Barbara Hoffmann
Foxykats Tabasco Cat of Mabuhay Red Neuter B: Kathy D. Black
O: Gail Gardner
Gunsmoke's Austin of Arons   Ruddy Neuter B: Mac & Charlene Munro
O: Laura Fry & Todd Aronson
Hisnhers Cisco Kid of Ele'cats   Ruddy Neuter B: Esther L. Romero
O: Pat & Tom Hughey
Lynn-Lee's Bangles of Meowsnwuf   Red Spay B: Evelyn Mague
O: Pat & David Dannenberg
Meowsnwuf's Cherokee   Red Neuter Pat & David Dannenberg
Meowsnwuf's Indiana Jones   Red Neuter Pat & David Dannenberg
Meowsnwuf's Megan   Ruddy Spay Pat & David Dannenberg
Mittsnpaws Gingersnap   Red Spay Joann Mitts
Pirouette's Mood Indigo Blue Neuter B: Arlene Armandi - Lessee
O: Arlene Armandi
Prairiepurr's Prairie Dawn   Red Spay B: Marisa Clay-Combs
O: Marisa Clay-Combs & Trevor Combs
Pysabs Brown Sugar of Dansarcats   Ruddy Spay B: Kathleen C. Fish
O: Victoria Trowbridge
Rampageous Just My Style Red Neuter B: Marianne C. Harris
O: Lisa Pernacciaro
Santgria's Gina Red Spay Betty Bridges
Seder Rennes Diamond Belmonts Cigar   Ruddy Neuter Bobby & Peggy Huffman
Tajhara's E.Z. Rider   Red Neuter Mary Franz-Jacobe & M. Jacobe
Thecatgarden's Prowler   Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka
O: Janice & Ron Pitelka
Yum Blueberry Delight of Purrnpines   Blue Neuter B: Sarah E. Bixler
O: Norma Bixby
Zodiacal Lightning Strikes   Red Neuter B: Sandra Gohr & Joann Mitts
O: Sandra Gohr


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