Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1989-1990 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

23 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Blisspurrs Jasper Ruddy Male Fred & Patricia Emerson
Brunrouge Amro Red Male B: Kazuko Kurokawa
O: Chizuyo Nago
Clancy of Carquinez Ruddy Male B: Ken & Marge Petersen
O: Noel Harris - K. & B. Talbert
Diamondust Clifford Red Male Karen J. Stebner
Diamondust Valiant Ruddy Male Karen J. Stebner
Kabbagepatch's Houdini   Red Male Marla D. Leigh
Lynn-Lee's Guinevere of Diamondust Red Female B: Evelyn Mague
O: Karen J. Stebner
Lynn-Lee's Northern Oriole Red Male B: Evelyn Mague
O: Kathleen C. Fish
Lynn-Lee's Red Wolf of Littlefox Red Male B: Evelyn Mague
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Mabuhay Dixie Ruddy Female Carla Bizzell
Mr Thunder of Carquinez Ruddy Male B: Ken & Marge Petersen
O: Bill & Karen Talbert
Nephrani's Gambler's Choice   Red Male B: Ruth & Robert Morris
O: Nicholas Iommetti
Roadrace's Ferrari Dino of Bemy   Red Male B: Carolyn Marriner
O: B. Myjak & C. Marriner
Roadrace's War Eagle   Ruddy Male B: Carolyn S. Marriner
O: Barbara Pease
Royalamber's Night Ranger   Ruddy Male B: Katharyne K. Ogle - Lessee
O: Katharyne Ogle - Mary Jo Kendall
Sibu's Panache   Ruddy Male B: James D. & Carole S. Mitchell
O: Carole & Jim Mitchell
Silamos WYSIWYG Ruddy Male Debbie & Larry Ritter
Sistine's Burning Bush of Littlefox Ruddy Female B: Thomas & Mary Van Sistine
O: Pamela & Victor Borra
Sistine's Turrab's Fables Imorb Ruddy Male Thomas & Mary Van Sistine
Tajhara's T.J. Jhoti of Pysabs Ruddy Male B: M. Franz & Bill Gott - Lessee
O: Kathleen C. Fish
Tajhara's Zackiya Ruddy Male Bill Gott & Mary Franz
Yum Blueberry Cobbler Blue Female Sarah E. Bixler
Zarpa's Longshot of Silkpaws Ruddy Male B: Dick & Nell Foster
O: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins


12 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Carquinez Sundance Kid   Ruddy Neuter Bill & Karen Talbert
Kintoi's Gold Coast   Red Neuter B: Nikkie Brenize - Pat Gonser
O: Pat Gonser
Lynn-Lee's Discovery II Red Neuter B: Evelyn Mague
O: George H. Hilton
Lynn-Lee's Mark Antony Ruddy Neuter B: Evelyn Mague
O: Joe Cavalcante
Lynn-Lee's The Wizard Ruddy Neuter B: Evelyn Mague
O: Karen M. Baumgartner
Pillowtalk Lady Mandelia Ruddy Spay B: Tom & Char Bowling
O: Joann Mitts
Roadrace's Pegasus   Red Spay Carolyn S. Marriner
Runningfox Shakti of Ivajean   Ruddy Spay B: Sonja Anderson
O: Ivan & Jeanne Dodrill
Runningfox Silly Putty of Catapaw   Ruddy Spay B: Sonja I. Anderson
O: Peggy Coleman
Silamos Kalahari Ruddy Neuter B: Debbie & Larry Ritter
O: Debbie Brevik - D. & L. Ritter
Tajhara's Ariadne Audubon   Red Spay B: Bill Gott - Mary Franz
O: Hilary Barshai & Jason Weisberg
Zarpa's Liberty Valance Ruddy Neuter B: Dick & Nell Foster
O: Misty-Lee K Martin


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