Somali Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
1994-1995 season

Cat's registered name, and breeder/owner information, are listed as of the time the cat granded. That information may have subsequently changed.

28 Grand Champions
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Blisspurrs Wind Dancer Ruddy Male B: Patricia L. Emerson - Lessee
O: Patricia Emerson
Brunrouge Komei Red Male Kazuko Kurakawa
Bushbabies Red Rider   Red Male Catherine M. Gift
Diamondust Freedom of Black Iron Fawn Male B: Karen Stebner
O: Kathleen & Bob Abbott
EOS Spirit Walker Ruddy Male Jacque Pereira & Karen Talbert
Fiestacat The Cisco Kid of Foxykats Red Male B: Pam Blankenbeckler
O: Kathy Black
Foxcroft's Diamondust Dancer Fawn Male Micki Gomez
Foxykats Ashli of Nekobayashi Red Female B: Kathy D. Black
O: Yasuo Kobayashi
Foxykats Mamamea's Hot Tamalee Red Female B: Kathy D. Black
O: K. D. Black - Karyn Dillard
Foxykats Mars of Libemiauen   Red Male B: Kathy D. Black
O: Reiko Kobayashi
J's Iris Keno of Silkpaws   Red Male B: Judith Mendelsohn & Bill Ritchot
O: Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Littlefox's Tanga Ruddy Female Pamela & Victor Borra
Lynn-Lee's Monday of Meowsnwuf   Ruddy Male B: Evelyn Mague
O: Pat & David Dannenberg
Mabuhay Cactus Jack of Munro   Ruddy Male B: Carla Bizzell
O: Mac & Charlene Munro - Carla Bizzell
Meowsnwuf's Casey Jones   Ruddy Male Pat & David Dannenberg
Meowsnwuf's Roland   Red Male Pat & David Dannenberg
Mittsnpaws Chapala of Nekobayashi Ruddy Female B: Joann Mitts - Lessee
O: Yasuo Kobayashiu
Mittsnpaws Zolton Lukas Red Male B: J. Mitts & M. N. Baird
O: Joann Mitts
Pysabs Alexandria   Ruddy Female Kathleen C. Fish
Pysabs Botswana Bwana   Ruddy Male Kathleen C. Fish
Pysabs Tanganyika   Ruddy Male Kathleen C. Fish
Rumpuss Luke Skywalker of Eclairdor   Blue Male B: Barry Smith
O: Laura Phillips & Aurelio Ikeda
Silkenfire Chocolate Mousse Red Male Roy & Julianne Albert
Tadofa Winds-Of-Heaven of Dreamers Blue Female B: Bethany T Tod - R & J Colilla - Lessee
O: Bethany Tod, R & J Colilla
Tadofa's Arctic Wolf Blue Male B: Bethany T Tod, R & J Colilla
O: Bethany Tod
Thecatgarden's J.C. Superstar   Ruddy Male B: Janice E Pitelka-Lessee
O: Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Prophet Ruddy Male Janice Pitelka
Zamfara's Senegen   Ruddy Male Jeffrey C. Nichols


14 Grand Premiers
Name Photo Color Breeder/Owner
Duracell Boomerang of Addakatz   Red Neuter B: Gale Taylor
O: June A Boyles
Foxcroft's Dagwood Blue Neuter Micki Gomez
Gunsmoke Miss Dixie of J Lins   Ruddy Spay B: Mac & Charlene Munro
O: Jo Ann McCord
Nephrani's Shayna of Artshow Red Spay B: Ruth & Robert Morris
O: Raymond J. & Sandra K. Benter
Pysabs Taipan   Ruddy Neuter Kathleen C. Fish
Scrachinpost Thomas Red Hawk Ruddy Neuter B: Robin E. Downer
O: Robin Downer & Sandra Gohr
Scrachinpost's Kristofer   Ruddy Neuter B: Robin E. Downer
O: Patsy Murphy
Silkenfire Hearts In My Hand Ruddy Neuter B: Roy & Julianne Albert
O: Rebecca Kalin - Roy & Julianne Albert
Silkenfire Independence Ruddy Neuter Roy & Julianne Albert
Silkpaws Repeat Performance Red Neuter Debbie & Bruce Bobbins
Tadofa's Dream Walker   Ruddy Neuter B: Bethany Tod - R & J Colilla - Lessee
O: Tim & Renee Thompson
Thecatgarden's Durango of Norsewood   Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka
O: Gloria & John Dellaria
Thecatgarden's Flashdancer   Ruddy Neuter B: Janice Pitelka
O: Marisa Clay-Combs & Janice Pitelka
Thecatgarden's Red Baron   Red Neuter B: Janice Pitelka
O: Mary Pitelka & Janice Pitelka


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